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1.What is online examination?
Online examination is a new technique to conduct an examination through internet.
2.Why it has been popular?
The formal examination system is a very long procedure to conduct an examination. From the respect of the recruiter, they should give extra effort on the examination to select employees for the organization. This is a huge responsibility and extra load to the recruiter to conduct an examination. This is very costly and extremely tedious to conduct an examination. Side by side online examination is a very sophisticated examination conducting system. Recruiter just sends a mail to the candidates for the post and it will be reached to the millions of register candidates of worldrelation.com. You can select deserving candidates for your organization from India and abroad by this system.
3.What are the advantages of this system?
Lot of companies is gladly taking this modern system to exemption form the tedious written examination system. Low cost, minimum effort, minimum employee deployment, saving time, instant result and conduct an examination India and abroad.